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Micronix Plus SRL is a private company with a large experience in thermography. Since 1995, our main activity is the import and distribution of FLIR Systems thermal cameras and systems. 

FLIR distribution includes:     
- thermography cameras for preventive maintenance (electrical, mechanical applications);
- thermography cameras for  building applications;
- thermography cameras for research and special applications
- thermography cameras for  medical applications;
- thermal imaging cameras for automation;
- portable thermal cameras for outdoor applications;
- Multi-Sensor systems for long range surveillance applications;
- thermal cores and cameras for mobile phone, UAVs etc.;
- maritime thermal night vision systems;
- traffic control cameras;
- automotive thermal nigh vision systems;
- Multi-Sensor gimbals for helicopters, planes and ships;
- radar systems for borders and airports;

The use of thermographic cameras requires in-depth infrared radiation knowledge as well as advanced thermal image acquisition and processing techniques. In order to support current and future customers, in 2004 Micronix Plus SRL opened the Infrared Training, Service and Consulting Center (ITCC).
Services offered by ITCC are:
- national and international termography training courses
- industrial thermography inspections
- service, calibration and verification of infrared temperature measurement equipment (thermal cameras and non-contact IR thermometers)

With over 20 years of experience in the field of thermography, Micronix Plus moved forward to a new level in 2015 - the production under our own brand (GuardIR) of professional multisensor systems for continuous 24/7 surveillance of large areas. The goal was to provide a compact, easy-to-use, high-performance and affordable equipment for detecting (day and night) a person from up to 6Km distance. The tests and feedback from customers for already installed equipment have shown that we have succeeded.


If you decide to work with our company you should count on our ....

- PROFESSIONALISM - all staff of Micronix Plus and ITCC involved in the GuardIR project has a large experience in the IR field and is certified Level I ... III in thermography and electronics. GuardIR components are carefully selected and for each new GuardIR system we set new targets for performance, which are continuously improved.
FLEXIBILITY - if standard products do not meet your requirements, we can make the requested changes as soon as possible.
REACTION TIME - whether it's about implementing new solutions, upgrading or servicing, we are trying to fix everything in real time.

Our business card is a satisfied customer

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Otopeni, Str. 1 Mai nr. 2, 075100, ILFOV, ROMANIA; +40 (21) 3124081
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